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For the love of Leica

When I show up on assignments, I often get comments on my choice of equipment. The most popular remarks include “do you still shoot film?”, “that looks very old school” or “can you really do professional work with that camera?”. Usually I reply something in the lines of “well, it works for me” or “the best things in life, come in small packages”.

Honestly, what I love most about my Leica, is that it’s only a camera. It’s doesn’t try to make my pictures better, help me focus or guide me in any way. If the pictures suck, I can only blame my self. True, the Leica is a volatile mistress, but treat her right, and she will pay you back in kind.

Learn to love her little quirks and imperfections, then she will become so much more than a camera. She will become a part of you.

Then a hideous light from energy saving bulb, a way too small window, directly behind the subject and a beat up lens from 1964 comes together in this kind of harmony.

Can I make it any clearer?

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