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A child’s perspective

Photographing children always demands a different approach, compared to adults. Luckily I’m blessed with a generous portion of lingering immaturity, so usually it’s as easy as pie.

But photographing a child, who’s undergoing treatment for leukaemia, is a whole different experience, all together.

The stoic 10-year old girl, Bjørk, doesn’t say much, but despite having a hose taped to her chin, she stills seems able to forget the hardship, and once in a while, a cheeky smile escapes onto her pale little features.

Her mother calls from the hallway to tell her, that the local tv-station might only be able to come today, and asks, with a slightly rhetorical tone, wether she should tell them it’ll be too much for one day. “No!” Bjørk snaps with unrelenting fortitude.

I think, so far, Bjørk is getting the better of her predicament. What a wonderful little girl. All my best christmas wishes go out to her and I hope she gets well fast.

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