Latest updates


Latest updates

101 days in office (new studio and new work)

At the end of 2016 I made the decision to move camp to a studio in Valby. I loved sharing office with Anew agency in the heart of Copenhagen, but I also longed for being around other photographers and film makers. On top of that, I also missed having access to a proper studio.

So I accepted a long standing invitation from my good friend and fellow photojournalist Jeppe Carlsen, to come to Valby and share the studio, which he and his brother Jakob Carlsen have created.

Good fortune would, that my new neighbours across the hall, Nerd Productions also opened up their door and welcomed me. They have already provided post production support on a number of video productions, and equally important, let me use their coffee maker, when I have a meeting and we’ve run out of our otherwise excellent coffee. I’m sure the future will bring many more opportunities to collaborate with Bo Blaksteen and his team.

Another unforeseen effect is that I have started shooting commercial and fashion work again.

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